2 sep. 2011

Animated Protest March Walk Cycle.

There have already been actions against the cuts on various occasions. The NIAF also wants, together with the animation industry, its voice to be heard. Our protest will take the form of a digital protest march. Movement is the essence of animation. The different frames or drawings of an animation have little meaning in separately, but together they form a moving whole, just as hundreds of walkers form a march.

To achieve this march, we need your help! Help us and the animation industry by sharing a "walk cycle”. The collected walk cycles will be shown on the website www.animationmarch.nl (take a look at this website for more information) and together will form an animated protest march.

Animated Protest March Walkin' Cycle. from Pinja Bartog on Vimeo.

17 mei 2009

PHARAO SON-OF-RA Logo and Site

This is the new Logo for MC PHARAO (son of ra)... It's a blend of Godfather and RUN DMC.

9 apr. 2009

Hocus Pocus Comix #1

Last week I finished screenprinting (250x by hand) the First issue of HOCUS POCUS COMIX, a new stage for underground comix. There wasn't any time or space to capture the work in progress, sorry bout that folks. Instead we posted some
spy pics.

Issue 1 is now online for your reading pleasure.

Logo And Comic-Types created for Hocus Pocus Comix.

24 nov. 2008

Nieuw Amsterdam

I was asked to do a logo & promotional shirt for a Hip-Hop project, Nieuw Amsterdam, by Surya en Robian. I was inspired by the great masters of Arabic Zoomorphic Calligraphy and tried to make a blend of western and eastern scripts.

12 nov. 2008

First Limited Edition T-shirt Series

Just finished my first series of T-Shirts .They are all handprinted and numbered 1-10 ...
(yep Really Limited Edition)

AT WOLF & PACKSpuistraat 232 Amsterdam

26 sep. 2008

An orchestral tribute to J Dilla

Stichting B-oost organised an orchestral tribute to J Dilla with the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza. After being asked to print the Jay Dee Battlestar one more time for expo in the Lobby of the Bimhuis Amsterdam, I build a 5 m wall and adjusted the original poster from being 4/3 to widescreen (Sorry no Photos).

2 sep. 2008

Halftone Apple test

I found this waterbased Halftone Ink that looks like plastic and prints like butter.These are the first CMYK tests. The four apples on the bottom are the same apple but came out different because of the printing.

John, Paul, George and Ringo.

17 jun. 2008

DokuPrint Empire

The de Service Garage offered me a workingspace ( 2.8 meter by 1.7 meter ). After measuring, building and moving for 2 months I finally managed to fit my homemade 4 color screenprint table and exposure unit. Entree...

4 feb. 2008

JAY DEE tribute K-Space Amsterdam 1/2

Op 10 Februari 2006 overleed James Dewitt Yancey, beter bekend als Jay Dee/J. Dilla(producer/mc), op 32 jarige leeftijd aan gevolgen van de ziekte Lupus. Woensdag 6 Februari,
staat Bitterzoet voor de tweede maal geheel in het teken van deze producer's muziek met de tributeavond

In K-Space/KS1 is er van 3 Februari tot en met 10 Februari een installatie te zien van Dokutoru Tako. Ook zijn er exclusieve t-shirts verkrijgbaar waarvan de opbrengst wordt geschonken aan Lupus research.


JAY DEE tribute Bitterzoet Amsterdam 2/2

DILLA LIVES ON tribute party at Bitterzoet Amsterdam.

We screen printed The Dilla Papercraft shirts at Penose Amsterdam.
It was nice to screen print again after 4 years of digital printing and stencilling.
The smell of Ink really beats the smell Toner and Spray-paint.

19 jan. 2008

Sherwood Type making of

Step 1 : Create grid.

Step 2 : Use bucket tool.

Step 3 : Erase grid.

Step 4 : Trace it to vector.

16 aug. 2007

PAC-ME typeface

It started as a Drilling/Stencil Type but ended up 8-Bit.

31 jul. 2007

het Korte Filmpjes festival #2 Juli 2007

Ouwe Pik Ouwe Pijp presents:
het Korte Filpmjes Festival @
Horsemove project Amsterdam
free Entrance en Daarna dansen tot laat!!!

Hosted by
Dokutoru Tako & Allemaalarie

more info



More on Youtube

18 mei 2007


A digital version of the cartboard cut SPUTNIK type.
(with X and W)

14 apr. 2007


"GETTING ME HIGH" -Solid Rocket Boosters
Animation by: E10,Larie & Dokutoru Tako

The background of the videoclip is a combination of painted backgrounds with vector graphics and aerosol gradients. The main character was drawn stop-motion ( approximately 700 frames ) and coloured with Copics by Larie.

For the final scene I made a huge grayscale PSD-file :
2,10 gb / 9288px - 9360 px / 300dpi / 8 layers /
E10 placed the PSD-file in 3d Max so we could run a camera through the cut-outs.

Detail 1

Detail 2

31 jan. 2007

Expo Horsemove Rembrandtplein 1/2

Horsemove Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam Jan 2007.

Gigant 2019

Expo Horsemove Rembrandtplein 2/2

Horsemove Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam Jan 2007.